Well firstly, for the folks in the back, let’s clarify what a hashtag even is?
A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media to
identify digital content on a specific topic.

Ok so why have a hashtag at a wedding?
From the engagement party, to the hens to all the planning in between, your guests can
take photos to share on their social media and keep them in the same place to look back and celebrate all the awesome memories made throughout the journey of your wedding celebrations!

How do we come up with a good hashtag?

Have you been to weddings that you loved their hashtag? What would you like for your hashtag?

  1. Could you use the date of your wedding?
  2. Could you use the location?
  3. Could you think of a rhyming word or an alliteration for your first and last names?
  4. Can you think of a hobby or interest that you could add in there?
  5. Is one of your surnames a homophone that could mean something different?

    Now let’s search for it on the gram!
  1. Head to the explore section (the magnifying glass graphic).
  2. Search for a hashtag you’re thinking of.
  3. If it appears and it’s not your wedding, back to the drawing board.

Look, I think it’s gonna be a no. Is there another alternative to hashtags?

If coming up with a hashtag is better in the too hard basket, that’s ok! Maybe you are also a pretty private person. This is also ok! There are other options for keeping your photo memories in the one place for your guests.

Have you thought about a Shared Google Album? A what? If you have a Gmail account, create a Shared Drive called “X and Y’s Wedding” and invite all your friends using their email address or share a link with them. They can then simply using the Google Drive app or Airdrop to their computer and drag it to the folder.

In summary, hashtags are great for grouping all of your photos from your wedding journey in the one place. They’re particularly handy if you come up with something witty, creative and original, you know, something that guests will remember to use. If you think of something fancy, remember to jump onto Etsy, Canva or even a word document and see if you can create some signs to make your hashtag visible. If you have signs around your venue with your hashtag, hopefully it’ll remind your guests with every snap, to save that hashtag!

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