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Well firstly, for the folks in the back, let’s clarify what a hashtag even is?A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media toidentify digital content on a specific topic. Ok so why have a hashtag at a wedding?From the engagement party, to the hens to all the planning in between, your guests cantake photos to … Read More #DoWeNeedOne?

The Give Away

Tradition? What does that word even mean? Well, straight from Google’s mouth states that tradition is the ‘transmission of customs or beliefs’ so in wedding terms, what you’ve seen before, you may have liked and want to integrate that into your wedding ceremony. One of the greatest and most profound traditions is the entrance to your ceremony. Traditionally, the bride is leaving the hands … Read More The Give Away

Is it time to pull the plug?

Unplugged Ceremonies: Should we pull the plug? What is an unplugged ceremony?An unplugged ceremony is where the guests are asked to put their phones on silent, airplanemode, off and completely away to encourage their complete presence in their ceremony.Why do people choose to do an unplugged ceremony? Many people look back at photos and see screens and feel like their guests were looking at … Read More Is it time to pull the plug?